Monday, March 28, 2011

My Dark Moon Journey: Chapter I

 1. Do I equate the concept of light with the forces of good, increase and happiness? By contrast, do I associate dark with the forces of evil, decrease and sadness?
I did sit here and think about this for awhile.  Wondering if I still have the same thoughts on it as I did before.  I have been going threw another "dark" time in my life, but see it as a growth not anything bad.  Yes I have not so good feelings about things, but I know what was before has to be reborn into something new.
I can remember when I was younger that yes indeed I saw light as good and dark as bad. That is what I was being taught and have only changed my view when I found the path I am on (about 8 years ago).  When I was young I was afraid of the dark.  I remember having a night light in my room. When I went on sleep overs I had to have a mini flashlight so I wouldn't be scared.
Now I see as a time to rest and the end of something.  I feel you can not have one without the other.  Light and dark go hand and hand together.  Why be afraid of something that you need.  The so called dark times in my life are the times when I have sat down and really looked at the issues and what wasn't making me happy and I then decided to change them. How can that be bad?  If I did not change them then I would not be the person I am today!  I think we all need that down time and the time to sit and look at what we would like to change in our lives. 

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