Monday, March 28, 2011

My Dark Moon Journey: Chapter I Question 4

4. How do I feel when considering the prospect of my own or any loved ones’ death? Am I afraid to die? Do I feel abandoned by the death or loss of loved ones? Can I express my anger and grief, and allow myself to mourn?

I can say that it used to bother me a lot but again my views have changed and I see death as a good thing.  You must die before you are reborn again.  We can not stop the process it is natures way.  Yes I will miss them because they are no here with me but I know I can talk to them when ever I need to threw other means.  I used to be afraid to die now it is different. Yes I did worry more when my children were younger. I would worry about who would take care of them, but we have such a loving family that I do not worry anymore.  Now I am not afraid.  When my time comes it comes.  No I do not feel that I have been abandoned.  It was their time to go from this place and to move onto something better.  Their human body has died NOT them.  Yes I can allow myself to mourn.  I have already.  I have lost both my sets of grandparents and I have to say it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.  I was close to one of them more than the other two and yes I had my mourning period but I knew she was still around me. 

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