Monday, March 28, 2011

My Dark Moon Journey: Chapter I Question 2

2. Am I afraid of the dark? How do I feel when the power goes off and my house is plunged into darkness? Do I panic? Do I feel safer with a nightlight or porch light turned on all night? How do I feel about dark places in my environment, such as dark closets and basements? How do I feel about darker-skinned people?

Right now I can say kinda.  If I am in a place I know and it is dark with no light I am OK because I know were I am and what is around me.  When I am in a placed I do not know then at first I am a bit scared, then I calm myself down and tune into my other senses.  I hate when I am not ready for it, but do not mind sitting here in the dark in my home.  I will find some candles sometimes and then light them.  No I do not panic.  No I do not feel safer with the light on. I shut if off before I go to bed.  Closets and basements are fine with me, the only worry is that I will trip and fall over something and hurt myself.  I feel fine around dark skinned peopleMy issue is more of your height.

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