Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merchandise Merchandies merchandise....

Well today is Tuesday and what does that mean?? Release date for work!! yaaa... The much waited for Guitar Hero 5 game came out today for all platforms. Guitar Hero 5 Bundle pack for all platforms. Jumpstart Pet Rescue for the Wii. Soulcalibur:Broken Destiny for PSP. Section 8 for the XBOX 360 and PC. Raven Squad: Hidden Dagger for the XBOX 360 and PC. Bioshock for the PS3. I know that my stores did not get all of these because of some shipping problem but that is the company not me. Things went smooth at work today. I always dreed going to one store because someone there gives me a hard time. I am learning how to handle them but sometimes it just burns me!! I just do not understand why it is so hard for them to just let me walk in there set my MODS and do my job. My first store I do not have a problem. They like the fact I help out because it helps them out!! I walk in there and once they see me they hand me the paperwork and keys and off I go. My buddy wasnt working the first store today.. hope he is ok.. I know he has a health issue. I love working with them!! Makes my job so much easier and we come up with some great ideas together. I don't mind back him up on things because he appreates it unlike others in my work. It was quite today. I would have to say maybe about 25 changes all together. Actually got done early at the first store but the same PS3 gave me a hard time...grrrrrrrr need another tool to get into it. Today was the first day of our XBOX take over. Not to bad... I already knew some things about the XBOX because my son has it but I still had to do my training.. Oh Joy!! My second store today was good because someone was not there today. Made my job alot easier!! I usally work with certain people and again they like it when I help out. I was told I had to work my alloted time and that is just what I did. I did my regular and worked on helping others out. Nothing to exciting happened.

Hey if any of you out there in web land have played the games please let me know. I wish I could say I have the money to buy each one and play it but I do not. When people ask me about the game I like to give them some information. Hmmmm wonder if I should become a gamer now..LOL

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