Saturday, September 26, 2009


Guess I will never learn will I.....Just so disappointed in someone again tonight. They said they would do something for me and stupid me counted on them.. OH well I guess I will just do it myself. They will come and complain that I do not count on them...I wish they would sit and think about it before saying it to me. I guess that is a fault of mine.. I believe what people will say what they will do for me.


  1. HUGS!!! Sorry to hear that - people do, sometimes they have things on their plate, other times its time itseldf.

    And then there are those who just do disappoint.

    Your know where I am if you need a shoulder.


  2. I saw the above post and thought it was done by your son ... until I realized I also knew another Chris! =P

  3. LOL ya I thought the same thing.. Thanks Chris. He wasnt busy but he would not go out of this way to help me out..