Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anyone for golf??

Well yesterday was my first day to work our PGA golf tournament fundraiser. First I have to say that this was a last minute to make some quick cash for the crew and that should have been my first warning!! It has been nothing but headaches with this. The big problem is that I am the only adult that could help out and get certain people to the places they need. So I had to try to rearrange my life to do this. I also was the one who got another adult to help out and now he is rearranging his life to do this also. I am so trying to keep thinking it is for the kids and they will benefit from this but at what cost to me. Fighting with the family about certain things just isnt my cup of tea. I am so ready to just throw my hands up and give up!! To much dam stress over this. I am only one person and I can not do everything. They are other adults in this group and they are going to have to start stepping up. I feel bad for the kids but I have been doing this for awhile now. My "job" is to sit and advise the group not to run it that is up to the boys and girls. I can not look at things the same way I did before. I have to make sure this doesn't come in between me and my family. Just like someone else post I read it isn't worth it!!

The event itself is awesome don't get me wrong. I would do it everyday if I could. I have meet some really cool people who also are working there. Everyone is laid back and that is good. Hey I also even got to watch a few of the pro players practices on one of the holes. All in all it is a cool thing to be apart of. I had to work today so I did not go but will be there for the rest of the week and labor day. Tiger Woods was there in the morning to practice for a bit and I heard he was going to be there today. I think today started the actual tournament so the next few days will be real busy.

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