Saturday, September 26, 2009

I see smoke coming from the tower..

LOL... Confused? Well here is an explanation for it. Last week my sister did a tarot card reading for me and yes I got the tower card just in the right spot. We all know what that means. I knew it was going to be there among all my sword cards. I was not shocked to see so many of those cards in my spread because I know how I have been feeling and what is going on in my home. See I live with a person who is very negative and does not like what I practice or believe in. We clash on almost every aspect of our lives. It has been a very long and hard path for me to follow but I am trying so hard and feel that there is nothing more I can give. Nothing more I can do to try to show this person my side. They will never see it because they have not been were I have and does not understand, but that is ok with me now. Before it wasn't I wanted them to understand everything so bad. All that did was backfire in my face and create havoc in our home. I am so tired of fighting about things that I am now going with the flow and only speaking up when I feel the need to.
We clash on so many aspects of our lives that I do not think that we will ever come to a compromise. I always feel that I am the one who gives the most up and they do not. Could just be me do not know. There is the potential there because I have seen it but only for awhile and the poof back to there own ways. I understand that they have there own issues but you gotta pick yourself up and work threw them and learn...not just stay in the loop. I just feel drained again and I have told myself that I will not fall into the same loop with them again and again.
The one amusing thing that did catch my eye in the cards what this younger man...LOL I so know who that card could be if things went the way the cards said....and the card was right it would bring me happiness but I sooooooooooo do not want to open that can of worms.... So for right now I just do what I gotta do to make the time pass and set my mind at reast.

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