Thursday, January 7, 2010

LEADS Day--"Tent City"

Yesterday was LEADS day for me. This class we are going to do a "tent city" and this will be the back drop of the other classes PSA. Me and my partner came up with the idea on to teach the kids how easy it is to become homeless we are mixing the game of monopoly and life together. I call it my Budget game. One week we had all the kids pick a career, material status, children, car or no car, if they rent or own a home. Then I gave them each a months worth of income. I also put on the career cards if they get paid weekly or biweekly. Funny how this is only our second week and the kids are already complaining about how much money it takes!1 One girl said yesterday "Thank god I do not have to do this in real life." To that I said.. "You might not but what about your parents. We go threw this every month and you have no clue." It was nice to see all the kids have a "WOW" moment. They came up with some of there own ideas like moving in with others in the class. Selling things they have won or were given. Yesterday one of the students helped another one out by lending them some money, with a small amount of interest to be paid back next month. Another one helped out a friend by gifting them some money to pay there bills because they got hurt and are out of work.
I told them this is what happens in real life and you guys will be more prepared when you graduate then others because you will already know how to do this. They are all freshman in high school now , but it is nice to see them opening there eyes up a bit to how "real life" works.
There homework for next week was to think of things to build a shelter with for protection when your living on the streets.
I am having so much fun with this!! The kids are awesome. Well off to my class today will write about it later.

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