Thursday, January 7, 2010

LEADS day-"PSA Play"

Yes I made it to school today with a dead car. My partner picked me up and we had a great day. The kids still had so many questions with my budget game. I answered all of then and again it made me laugh when some of them were complaining about how much work this is. One girl said..."Thank god I am not an adult yet!!"
We played and interview games were I had two students make up 4 questions to ask each other and then each team went up to the front and introduced them by the answers. It went good and the kids learned some new things about each other. It also taught them that everyone gives different amounts of info. Some were long while others were short and sweet.
We started working on the questions for the questionnaire we are going to send out. They came up with so many great ones and now we have to narrow it down to just 10. I collected there journals again today to do my home work. I have been thinking that each person will have a more detailed budget for there career and situations. That means more work for me making up 45 different budgets, but in the end I think it is worth it and they will learn something out of this.

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