Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Standing at a crosswalk....

Let's say you're standing at a crosswalk. And you're standing there with a parent, or perhaps anyone or anything that you have some sort of issue with or power struggle right now. The person/entity in "authority" asks, warns you, requests, or otherwise attempts to restrain/advise you from moving into the street at this time. You in your NEED to do so, in continuation of a comfortable pattern, your impetuousness, a need to assert your OWN personhood, or whatever ego driven reason, decide to step into the street anyway. Are you willing to accept the consequences of your actions, whatever they may be, or do you spend time and energy blaming the other person in some manner for what may transpire or even for what did NOT transpire? Think before you leap is the message of the day. Where and why and when do you render yourself a "victim" or draw someone else into your drama?" And why?  Later, "if only" doesn't help you if only you see what you want to see. It's not necessary to make drama. Stand quietly and wait for the right time for anything. To everything is a season and a reason. Things propelled by the wind end up wherever they do.St

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