Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Detox Tips

Time for a major clean-up! ...

By Marie-Andrée Guimont

Did you know that the human body also needs a spring cleaning? The goal of a detox diet is to give your body a rest and to eliminate toxins such as pesticides, synthetic products and atmospheric pollutants. After the cleansing program, your organs such as the kidneys, intestines, and lungs emerge as new to better perform their jobs and to make your body healthier.
Here are a few basic rules to help renew your system!
Water and Infusions
As a first step to purify your body, make drinking water a priority. We recommend drinking a minimum of a litre-and-a- half of water per day. In addition to drinking the recommended amount of water, prepare an infusion daily. You can use birch or orthosiphon herbs to prepare the infusion as to favour the elimination of toxins.

Start your day with a glass of lemon water; in a cup, pour equal amounts of hot water and lemon juice. Citrus is rich in vitamins, stimulates the liver, and participates in cleansing the body. It also helps balance the pH of the stomach.

If you can get your hands on it, fresh dandelion also helps with elimination. Try incorporating it with a tea or in a salad. Those who are reluctant to try fresh dandelion can opt for capsules of powder available in pharmacies.

Healthy and Fresh Foods
Be sure to eat at least five fruits and vegetables per day. It is ideal to eat them raw. And make sure to clean them well before eating them. For snacking, opt for fruit juice
Grapes act as a laxative; they relieve constipation and facilitate bowel movement. During your detoxification diet, integrate them to your meals in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Be sure to choose grapes that are ripe. If the fruit isn’t ripe enough, it can have the opposite effect of causing constipation.
Note: Select organic products that are devoid of chemicals and preservatives as to thoroughly purify your body.

The Method
After having read these basic guidelines, it now up to you to choose a program that suits your needs. It is advised to do a detoxification program three to four times a year, and ideally when the seasons change. In less than two weeks, you will begin to feel rested and more energetic. Depending on the method used, the program should last three weeks.  
Beware: the ultimate goal of a body cleansing should not be weight loss. That being said, by taking care of your body, it makes sense that weight loss may result.  

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